Caring for Your Smile

Thank you for selecting us to improve your smile and maintain your oral health. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with outstanding service and a terrific smile.

Your first visit to our Miami office typically includes an X-ray that allows us to view the structure of the jaw, the position of any teeth that have not yet erupted, malformed roots, and tooth decay. We will also conduct a thorough review of your medical history. When you share your medical history, be sure to include recent hospitalizations or surgeries, or if you have recently been ill. It is also important to inform us of any medications you are taking as well as the doses and frequencies. You should always keep abreast us of any changes in your health or medications. This information will help us select the safest and most effective method of treatment for your situation.

Your First Exam

When you arrive for your first appointment, you’ll be warmly greeted by our friendly staff. You’ll be escorted to one of our treatment rooms, where we’ll discuss the reason for your visit as well as your expectations and any concerns.  We’ll than take x-rays for a comprehensive view of teeth and supporting oral structures.

As your dentist, I will thoroughly examine your mouth and assess any previous dental work. If conditions are detected that might impact your health or smile, I’ll explain the situation and suggest treatment options. Our suggestions are always in the best interest of our patients. We would only make recommendations that we were comfortable making to our own families. Together, we’ll review your exam and help you understand your situation, possible treatment options and potential outcomes.

Once you understand your situation, we can review our insurance and financial policy as well as schedule your next appointment where applicable.