5 Reasons to Visit Your Cosmetic Dentist Regularly

5 Reasons to Visit Your Cosmetic Dentist in Miami

Your regular, 6-month appointment for a teeth cleaning and a dental exam is extremely important. However, many Americans skip their scheduled cleanings, and some fail to go to the dentist altogether. It’s estimated that about 33% of Americans skip dental care each year.

But seeing a dentist regularly is critical for the health of your teeth and gums. Not convinced? Here are just 5 reasons that you should be seeing a cosmetic dentist in Miami for a check-up.

  1. Keep Your Smile Healthy
    This is especially important if you’ve spent a lot of money on cosmetic dentistry operations, such as veneers, porcelain crowns, and dental bonding/contouring. You want to keep your investment safe, and ensure that your smile is healthy.

    Without an oral exam or a teeth cleaning, you may be suffering from cavities or minor gum disease (gingivitis) without realizing it. This can lead to serious issues with your smile. The best way to prevent this is by brushing and flossing regularly – and by visiting a dentist like Dr. Ramon Bana, DDS every 6 months to check your oral health.

  2. Prevent Dental Issues From Progressing
    Minor cases of tooth decay and cavities can often be treated with a simple cleaning and fluoride rinse, or dental sealants – without requiring fillings, crowns, or a root canal.In the same vein, gingivitis can often be mitigated in the early stages with antibiotics and a deep cleaning.

    However, if these dental issues are left untreated for months – or years – chances are that they will become more serious and hard to treat.

  3. Save Money – And Time
    A dental cleaning and exam usually costs less than $100, and it’s almost always covered by your dental plan. In contrast, a filling can cost $150-$300 or more, dental crowns cost $500 or more per tooth, and root canal therapy costs between $700-$900 per tooth, depending on the patient.

    These treatments are also more invasive and time-consuming than a teeth cleaning. By investing in a regular, routine teeth cleaning and oral exam, you can stop spending your money on avoidable dental issues.

  4. You’ll Use Up Your Dental Benefits
    Most dental benefits do not “roll over” to the next calendar year. So if you don’t use up your deductible on covered, preventative care, you’re essentially leaving money on the table.

    By getting early dental treatment, you can make sure that you hit your deductible and your annual maximum payout each year, and make the most of your dental plan.

  5. You Can Spot Hidden Oral Health Issues
    Not all oral health issues are obvious. Cavities often hurt, and cause a toothache. Gum disease makes your gums inflamed and tender.

    But other problems like oral cancer, or issues with your jaw or the underlying gum structure may not be so obvious. Comprehensive exams and x-rays are usually required in order to detect these kinds of issues – and you can’t do those on your own!

    By seeing your dentist regularly, you ensure that you are not suffering from any hidden oral health issue that may become more serious in the future.

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