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Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.



Miami Same Day Crowns Dentist – Dr. Bana

As a highly skilled dental crown dentist with a state-of-the-art office in Miami, Dr. Ramon Bana wants to provide his patients with the most innovative dental restoration solutions available. The same-day crown is one of these solutions. Using the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC®) system, Dr. Bana creates porcelain crowns in the office. Traditional crown creation is a slow process because patients have to wait several weeks to receive their permanent dental crown from an outside lab. However, with same-day crowns in Miami, the middleman is eliminated, making it possible for many patients to receive their permanent dental crown during a single visit.

Same-Day Porcelain Crowns in Miami

With CEREC’s revolutionary system, Dr. Bana can improve a patient’s smile without an extended wait time. In addition, since the patient receives his or her custom-designed permanent crown during one visit, the need for a temporary crown is eliminated.

What Is CEREC Technology?

CEREC is an in-office Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system that uses 3D digital imaging, special software and an onsite milling unit to create certain types of dental prostheses (e.g., same-day crowns and veneers). The dental crowns that Dr. Bana creates with the CEREC CAD/CAM system can address aesthetic flaws and improve the functionality of the patient’s teeth.

Creating 3D Digital Images for a Same-Day Crown in Miami

Using an intraoral scanner, Dr. Bana targets the damaged or decayed tooth that requires a crown. This scanner creates 3D digital images of the patient’s damaged or decayed tooth as well as its surrounding teeth. The software sends these images to the in-house milling unit. The milling unit uses a block of porcelain to create the patient’s custom-tailored crown.

Furthermore, the CEREC CAM/CAD system allows Dr. Bana to view a 3D image of the crown and the patient’s natural teeth to ensure they fit together seamlessly. This is beneficial because, if necessary, he can make changes before the milling unit begins to create the patient’s custom-designed crown.

Are Same-Day Dental Crowns Safe?

Yes, unlike the materials used to make a traditional crown (e.g., amalgam, gold), porcelain ceramic is a biocompatible material. This means a porcelain ceramic crown can remain in the body indefinitely without causing any harm.

Are Same-Day Crowns in Miami a Suitable Option for Everyone?

Unfortunately, patients who require extensive tooth restorations may need to have a different dental procedure or a variety of procedures to restore their smile. For example, a patient who has multiple unrestorable teeth on the upper or lower arch may need to have them extracted and replaced with a dental prosthesis (e.g., a partial denture or dental implants with a bridge).

Which Issues Can Miami Same-Day Crowns Address?

A same-day dental crown reestablishes the look, function and feel of a damaged tooth. Therefore, Dr. Bana may recommend a same-day crown if a patient has a structurally damaged tooth. Structural damage can result from trauma (e.g., clenching or grinding teeth) or decay. A dental crown covers the damaged tooth, protecting and strengthening it.

Who Can Benefit From a Same-Day Porcelain Crown in Miami?

Individuals with a tooth that is discolored, slightly crooked, chipped, misshapen or fractured may be good candidates for same-day porcelain crowns.

When an individual has a wide interdental space, Dr. Bana may recommend that the patient use a CEREC CAD/CAM crown to fill in this gap (e.g., a gap between the two front teeth).

An individual who has a filling of considerable size or a fractured filling may benefit from a same-day crown in Miami.

Enamel is the protective coating on the outside of teeth. If an individual’s enamel begins to thin, a same-day porcelain crown can protect and strengthen the natural tooth.

Initially, a patient who requires additional treatment may not be a viable candidate for a CEREC crown. However, once Dr. Bana addresses the patient’s dental issues, he or she may become a suitable candidate for a same-day porcelain crown in Miami.

Which Dental Problems May Require Additional Treatment?

Some issues that Dr. Bana may need to address before the patient receives a CEREC crown include chronic tooth decay, gum disease, an abscessed tooth and tooth loss.

Once Dr. Bana addresses the underlying dental problem his patient is experiencing, he may be able to strengthen a damaged tooth or replace a missing tooth with a porcelain crown. If a patient is replacing a missing tooth, Dr. Ramon Bana attaches the crown to a dental implant.

If a patient has an abscessed tooth, a root canal may be necessary. Following the root canal, Dr. Bana places a crown over the portion of the tooth that remains.

Dr. Bana Uses CEREC to Create Porcelain Crowns

Although a dental crown can consist of a variety of materials, Dr. Ramon Bana recommends the use of porcelain. He prefers porcelain over the other options because this material looks very similar to natural teeth. Nonetheless, if a patient prefers, Dr. Bana can use zirconia to create his or her crown.

Why Does Dr. Bana Prefer Porcelain to Zirconia?

With porcelain, Dr. Bana can create a crown that closely matches the shape, size and color of the patient’s natural teeth. Moreover, patients find porcelain crowns more comfortable than those created using other materials because porcelain is not affected by changes in temperature (e.g., while eating ice cream or drinking hot chocolate).

In addition, when placing a porcelain crown, Dr. Bana can remove less of the natural tooth than is possible with dental crowns made of other materials. Therefore, a porcelain crown requires less drilling and is easier for Dr. Bana to place. Furthermore, due to the durability of porcelain, Dr. Ramon Bana knows that the CEREC crowns he creates are strong enough to last his patients for years to come.

What Are the Steps for Creating a Traditional Crown?

A traditional crown requires multiple office visits that span over a period of several weeks. Multiple visits are necessary because the dentist must first prepare the tooth and then create an impression (i.e., a dental mold). The dentist sends the patient’s mold to an outside lab. While waiting for the outside lab to create their permanent crowns, patients wear a temporary one.

What Is a Traditional Dental Mold?

To create a traditional dental mold, the patient must bite down on a tray that contains an elastomeric material (e.g., alginate). This material surrounds the teeth, and after about five minutes, the material is firm enough to retain its shape. Thus creating a replica of the patient’s teeth.

The dentist sends this mold to an outside lab. Once the lab uses the mold to create the patient’s custom-designed permanent crown, it sends the crown to the office. Upon receipt of the crown, the patient returns to have the temporary crown removed, so the dentist can place the permanent one.

What Happens During the Appointment for a Same-Day Crown in Miami?

Ramon Bana, DDS, asks the patient what he or she would like to accomplish with a same-day dental crown. He also must know which medications the patient takes, any medical conditions (e.g., hypertension, heart disease, diabetes) the patient has, any previous surgeries and medical treatments, as well as lifestyle choices (e.g., using tobacco, recreational drug use).

Dr. Bana evaluates the patient’s teeth and gums to determine if he or she is a viable candidate for a same-day dental crown in Miami.

What Is the CAD/CAM Process for Same-Day Crowns in Miami?

Whether a patient is receiving a same-day crown or a traditional crown, the tooth preparation process remains the same.

To ensure the patient is comfortable, before the tooth preparation procedure begins, Dr. Bana uses local anesthesia to numb the treatment area.

Dr. Ramon Bana removes the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth. After removing the damage and decay, he shapes the tooth so that the crown will fit perfectly over it.

Taking the Digital Pictures for Same-Day Crowns in Miami

Dr. Bana dusts a reflective powder over the patient’s prepared tooth and the teeth on either side of it. This powder allows him to use CEREC’s intraoral scanning wand to take digital pictures inside the patient’s mouth. Within seconds, the computer software generates a 3D model of the patient’s teeth.

Creating the Patient’s Same-Day Crown

When Dr. Bana uses the intraoral scanning wand to take 3D digital images of the patient’s teeth, the CAD/CAM software transfers these images to the in-house milling unit.

The milling unit uses these images and a block of porcelain to create the patient’s crown. Once complete, the crown fits perfectly over the previously prepared tooth and in between the teeth on either side.

How Long Does It Take To Create Miami Same-Day Crowns?

With CEREC, crown creation is quick, typically taking less than 20 minutes from start to finish.

Preparing the Porcelain Dental Crown for Placement

To ensure a proper fit, Dr. Ramon Bana places the crown over the remaining portion of the prepped tooth. Once he verifies that the crown fits perfectly, Dr. Bana completes the crown preparation process by aesthetically enhancing it. These enhancements include staining and glazing the crown so that it matches the patient’s other teeth.

Placing a Same-Day Dental Crown in Miami

Dr. Ramon Bana places the restoration over the patient’s tooth. If necessary, he can make minor adjustments to ensure that the patient’s crown fits comfortably, is secure and is undetectable.

Using a strong dental adhesive, Dr. Bana permanently bonds the crown to the remaining portion of the prepped tooth.

How Long Do Miami Same-Day Crowns Last?

If the patient cares for his or her same-day crown properly, this porcelain dental restoration can last 15 years, sometimes longer.

What Are the Benefits of Miami Same-Day Crowns?

Dr. Ramon Bana knows that his patients are busy. Therefore, efficiency is one of the main reasons that Dr. Bana offers his patients same-day crowns at his Miami office.

In addition, with CEREC and CAD/CAM technology, the need to create an elastomeric impression for an outside lab is eliminated.

Furthermore, since patients receive their permanent porcelain crown during one visit, they do not need to wear a temporary one for several weeks as they wait to have their permanent crown created by an outside lab.

CEREC decreases the amount of drilling necessary. Thus allowing Dr. Bana to preserve more of the patient’s natural tooth and reduce preparation time.

A Same-Day Crown vs. A Lab-Created Crown: Which Is Better?

A lab-created crown typically consists of porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or porcelain fused to multiple metal alloys. For this reason, some consider a lab-created crown stronger than a same-day crown. However, to receive a lab-created crown, patients need to have at least two appointments. They also receive a temporary crown to wear until the dentist can place their permanent crown.

The patient’s gingival tissue (aka gums) usually covers the metal in a PFM or metal alloy crown. However, if the gums recede, the metal may become visible. Since same-day crowns are made without using metal, patients do not have to worry about experiencing this side effect.

While preparing the patient’s natural tooth for a PFM or metal alloy crown, Dr. Bana must remove more of the tooth structure than is necessary when placing a same-day porcelain crown.

People who have an allergy or sensitivity to metal may experience a negative reaction to a PFM or metal alloy crown.

Patients receiving a lab-created crown must wear a temporary crown for a couple of weeks while the lab creates their PFM or metal alloy crown. This need for a temporary crown increases dental costs, and some patients find these crowns uncomfortable.

When applying the patient’s temporary crown, the dentist uses a temporary dental adhesive, which means the crown may fall off prematurely. Thus requiring an emergency or rushed dental visit for reattachment.

On average, a same-day porcelain crown is more cost-effective than a crown created in an offsite lab.

How To Care for a Same-Day Crown

Porcelain dental crowns require the same care as natural teeth.

Patients can prevent plaque buildup by brushing and flossing every day. Typically, once upon rising and again before going to sleep.

Brushing tips:

  1. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with toothpaste that is free of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and special whitening ingredients. These harsh ingredients can scratch the crown, creating a place for plaque and food debris to build up.
  2. Dr. Bana recommends that his patients with porcelain dental crowns use gel toothpaste because it tends to be the gentlest option.
  3. Angle the toothbrush 45 degrees toward the gum line. This ensures that the brush removes any plaque that has built up along the neck of the teeth.
  4. Brush gently.
  5. The mouth has four quadrants. One on each side of the upper arch and one on each side of the lower arch. Since the total brushing time per session is two minutes, patients should brush each quadrant for 30 seconds.


Flossing is just as important as brushing. Therefore, patients need to floss at least once a day. The good news is that since there are numerous flossing products available (e.g., interdental brushes, a water flosser, dental picks and traditional dental floss), performing this task is easier than ever before.

Teeth Whitening Products and Dental Crowns

Whitening products will not work on a dental crown. Therefore, patients who are interested in whitening their teeth and porcelain crown need to speak with Dr. Bana. He may have an option that is safe and effective for natural teeth, as well as for porcelain crowns.

In addition:

  • Patients who have a habit of grinding their teeth during sleep must prevent damage to their natural teeth and crowns by wearing a mouth guard (aka night guard).
  • Stay up-to-date on biannual cleanings and checkups.
  • Cut up crunchy foods (e.g., apples and carrots).
  • Patients must not use their teeth as a tool for opening items (e.g., bags, 2-liter bottles).

How Much Will a CEREC Porcelain Dental Crown Cost?

The cost of a same-day crown varies from one patient to the next. Therefore, to find out how much a CEREC dental crown costs, Dr. Bana needs to evaluate the patient’s mouth during a consultation.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Miami Same-Day Crowns?

Most dental insurance companies will pay a portion of the costs associated with dental crowns. Dr. Ramon Bana recommends that his patients contact their dental insurance company to find out if they will cover a same-day porcelain crown.

Reasons People Choose Dr. Ramon Bana

Dr. Ramon Bana’s caring demeanor, experience, skill and artistic vision make him one of the top cosmetic dentists in Miami. In addition, to provide his patients with the best dental care possible, Dr. Ramon Bana takes the time to create each of his patients a custom-designed treatment plan.

Ramon Bana, DDS, is a Miami dental crown dentist who uses the CEREC CAD/CAM system to create same-day porcelain crowns. He enjoys helping people attain the beautiful smiles they desire. If you are in the Miami area, and you need dental care, or would like to learn more about the options available with the CEREC CAD/CAM system, please contact the office today at (305) 857-3731 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bana’s office is located at 2461 Coral Way in Miami.


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