Technology and dentistry

Technology and dentistry have about as perfect a marriage as you can get these days. Throw in many brilliant minds, a lot of science, some interesting light formations, computers, and mix it together with time, curiosity, passion for health, more school than most of us want to consider, and practice, practice, practice…and you have the ever-evolving technological revolution that helps Dr. Ramon Bana bring world-class dentistry to his Miami patients every day.

iTero® Intraoral Scanner

The iTero® Intraoral Scanner assists with Invisalign® treatment planning by taking immediate digital impressions that are quick and painless. The scanner has the capability to capture a detailed 3D model of teeth and gums with no need for bitter-tasting, messy putty. The process is comfortable, fast, and allows you to see your future smile—and we use the model to create your customized treatment plan.

Carestream Dental CBCT Scan®

Cone beam computer tomography, or CBCT, uses divergent x-rays that form a cone. The system rotates around the patient to capture a panoramic x-ray. This technology allows for precise wisdom teeth extraction and dental implant therapy.


Do you remember using film? Not anymore!

  • Quick
  • Detailed
  • Accurate
  • Precise

Dental restorations while you wait

Getting a crown used to take multiple appointments and at minimum, several days that included preparation of the tooth, biting into a goopy mold for an impression, sending that to a lab, waiting…those days are gone! With CEREC milling machines, dental restorations can be done in one office visit. Digital imaging is used to fabricate a restoration that’s custom-made for your tooth and mouth. From crowns to veneers, CEREC same-day dentistry with Dr. Ramon Bana is quite a Miami marvel. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening Device

Oral cancer is on the rise worldwide, with about 10,000 Americans losing their battle with the disease each year. Despite these grim statistics, less than 20% of U.S. dentists currently screen for oral cancer–but Miami dentist Dr. Ramon Bana isn’t taking any chances, and every adult receives a screening at their twice-yearly hygiene visit with us.

Our VELscope® oral cancer screening device emits a special blue light that allows Dr. Bana to see cellular, structural, and metabolic changes in your mouth that can indicate the need for further testing. Early detection is key to surviving any form of cancer. Let’s fight cancer together!

Surgically Clean Air™

When most of us think about air pollution, we automatically think of the outdoors–a smoggy urban area or smoke from a wildfire. Unfortunately, air pollution exists indoors, too, particularly in medical settings like the dentist’s office. When a high-speed drill or water sprayer is used during dental procedures, these tools emit airborne particles called biological aerosols (bioaerosols for short). Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Ramon Bana has invested in air purification technology that will benefit both our patients and the Miami Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry team–Surgically Clean Air™.

Surgically Clean Air medical-grade air purifiers remove chemicals, toxins, germs, odors, and airborne viruses from the air, reducing ozone, mold, and allergen levels due to the revolutionary six-stage filtration process of the machines, which have been specifically designed for continuous use. They run quietly while increasing airflow, their noise level comparable to that of the average residential dishwasher.

Clients report feeling more energized when the office environment has been treated by the Surgically Clean Air system, observing that the air looks and feels fresher, lighter, and less dusty. We want you to take it easy when you visit us–breathing the cleanest air we can provide and making your dental experience with us as comfortable as possible for the most relaxed, stress-free treatment you’ve ever had at the dentist!

Biolase Laser

BIOLASE is the world’s leading innovator in dental lasers. With thousands of lasers in use in operatories worldwide, millions of patients have experienced the benefits of laser dentistry, such as less aerosols, gentler procedures and comfortable healing.

Other Techno Goodies

Technology affects dentistry in ways both big and small. Some of the machines are large, while some are hand-held. Dr. Bana can perform occlusal analysis and assess your bite with a hand articulator. Smile Design, which you can read more about on our cosmetic dentistry page, is all done digitally so you can see your dream smile before you even start treatment. We also use the Wand® for “painless” injections (we do not claim they are truly painless but come as close as humanly possible). Miami Sedation & Cosmetic Dentistry is all about patient comfort, from start to finish—and our technology helps us get you there. We even offer select products to help elevate your dental health, including dry mouth and saliva substitute.