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Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.



Miami Smile Makeover Dentist

People who have chipped, discolored or missing teeth can address these issues with a smile makeover at Miami Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry. A smile makeover with Ramon Bana, DDS does more than just address dental problems as they arise, these treatment plans are all-inclusive. Dr. Ramon Bana designs each of his patient’s smile makeover plans with his or her aesthetic desires and facial features in mind. Following a smile makeover in Miami, patients state that they feel confident when they smile, laugh and speak. Furthermore, patients who have their missing teeth replaced may speak clearer and find that they can chew food more effectively.

What Is a Smile Makeover in Miami?

The treatments and procedures that Dr. Bana recommends for a smile makeover depends on the patient’s specific dental issues and the aesthetic changes that he or she requests.

Issues that Dr. Ramon Bana can address with a smile makeover:

  • Discolored teeth.
  • Cracked and chipped teeth.
  • Teeth that are worn down.
  • Crooked teeth.
  • A gummy smile.
  • A receding gum line.
  • Teeth that appear too long.
  • Gaps between the teeth.
  • Teeth that seem too small.
  • Missing teeth.
  • Removing mercury fillings and then replacing them with tooth-colored fillings

Smile Makeover Procedures at Miami Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry

A Smile Makeover With Professional Teeth Whitening in Miami

Anyone who is interested in brightening their smile should consider professional teeth whitening. Many of Dr. Ramon Bana’s patients start their smile makeovers with a ZOOM! treatment.

During a single appointment, an experienced cosmetic dentist can make a patient’s teeth several shades lighter. Many times, Dr. Ramon Bana’s patients only need professional teeth whitening to attain the vibrant smile they have always wanted.

A Zoom! Treatment in Miami:

  1. Before having their Zoom! whitening treatment, patients must have a routine cleaning. During this cleaning, the hygienist removes plaque and tarter and buffs away surface stains.
  2. Right before the Zoom! treatment begins, the dentist or dental assistant applies a protective barrier over the patient’s lips and gum tissue.
  3. Next, the dental professional brushes a concentrated whitening gel onto the patient’s teeth and uses a bright UV light to activate the oxidation process.
  4. The gel remains on the patient’s teeth for 15 minutes.
  5. To reach the shade the patient desires, directly after rinsing the teeth to remove the gel, the patient may receive two or three more treatments.

A Smile Makeover Using Safe Tooth-colored Fillings, Inlays, Onlays and Dental Crowns

Tooth-colored fillings offer patients a safe, aesthetically pleasing way to address dental caries (i.e., cavities). These fillings consist of composite resins. These resins make the fillings strong enough to withstand the force created while chewing, even for extended periods of time.

The composite filling materials that Dr. Bana uses at his office in Miami are biocompatible. In addition, these fillings are safe because they are free of mercury and do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

Why Should Fillings With BPA and Mercury Be Avoided During a Smile Makeover?

There are concerns related to BPA exposure because research suggests that there may be a link between Bisphenol A and a variety of health issues. Additionally, inorganic mercury can cause mercury poisoning.

Health effects potentially linked to BPA:

BPA has negative effects on the prostate gland and on a child’s brain, including the brain of a fetus.

Other health issues that might be linked to BPA exposure:

  • Hypertension (i.e., high blood pressure).
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD).
  • Type 2 diabetes.

Mercury toxicity (aka Mercury Poisoning)

Symptoms associated with inorganic mercury poisoning:

  • Nausea.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Blood in the stool.
  • A burning sensation in the throat or stomach.
  • Changes in the color of urine.
  • Blood in vomit.

Potential health effects when mercury is inhaled as a vapor:

  • Dementia.
  • Spontaneous abortion (i.e., a miscarriage).
  • Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).
  • Tremors.
  • Immune system dysfunction.

A Smile Makeover With IAOMT Compliant Mercury Filling Removal and Replacement

To ensure the safety of his patients, Miami cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ramon Bana, uses the removal technique set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Using the IAOMT technique, Dr. Bana removes the mercury filling (aka an amalgam filling or a silver filling), replacing it with a safe, tooth-colored resin filling that is free of BPA and mercury.

Sometimes leaving the fillings in place is the better option. For example, if the removal process will expose the patient to an excessive amount of mercury vapor, Dr. Bana may choose to leave them in.

Factors that help Dr. Ramon Bana decide whether to remove a patient’s amalgam filling:

  • High mercury levels in the blood.
  • The patient’s age.
  • Whether a patient grinds his or her teeth.
  • The age of the filling.
  • Lifestyle factors.

How Does Dr. Bana Remove an Amalgam Filling?

Using an evacuator, Dr. Bana removes the amalgam filling. The suction system on the evacuator is powerful enough to remove the amalgam particles as well as the mercury vapors.

A Veneer, Crown or Dental Bridge May Be Part of a Patient’s Smile Makeover in Miami

Using the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) technology, Dr. Bana can create some of his patients’ dental restorations onsite.

CEREC technology is appealing because it allows Dr. Ramon Bana to complete some of his patient’s treatments in a single visit. Before CEREC, patients had to wait several weeks for their dental restorations to arrive from an off-site lab.

Porcelain Veneers Give Patients a Smile Makeover by Hiding Aesthetic Flaws

A cosmetic dentist in Miami can adhere a single veneer to the front of a damaged tooth or rejuvenate a patient’s entire smile with porcelain veneers. At Miami Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Bana uses CEREC to create his patients’ custom-designed porcelain veneers onsite.

A patient who wants a complete smile makeover in Miami will receive veneers on the teeth that are visible when he or she smiles. People with small mouths may only need four veneers. A person with a wide smile could need 10 veneers. During the initial consultation, Dr. Bana determines how many porcelain veneers in Miami are necessary to rejuvenate the patient’s smile.

Some of the aesthetic flaws that Dr. Ramon Bana can address during a smile makeover with veneers:

  • Irregular spacing.
  • Broken teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Small gaps between the teeth.
  • Shape and size differences.
  • Discolored teeth that a whitening treatment cannot address (e.g., teeth that are discolored due to the use of tetracycline or doxycycline while the teeth were developing).
  • Minor tooth misalignment.

Once Dr. Bana places porcelain veneers over the teeth that have aesthetic flaws, the patient enjoys a symmetrical, fresh and vibrant smile.

A Dental Crown as Part of a Miami Smile Makeover

At Miami Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry, a patient may receive a dental crown to protect and strengthen a damaged tooth or to replace a missing tooth.

The usual waiting period for a crown to arrive from an outside lab is two to three weeks. However, since Dr. Bana uses CEREC technology, patients receive their Miami dental crowns right away.

Creating a Patient’s Custom-designed Dental Crown

With a handheld scanner, Dr. Bana takes digital impressions of the tooth requiring a crown and the teeth that surround it. These digital impressions allow CAD/CAM technology to create a 3D image of the area receiving treatment.

The printer uses these 3D digital images to create the patient’s custom-tailored crown out of a block of porcelain. Following its creation, Dr. Bana ensures the dental crown fits properly, polishes it and then uses dental cement to adhere the crown to the patient’s tooth.

Dr. Ramon Bana may recommend a dental crown when the patient has a:

  • Broken tooth.
  • Missing tooth.
  • Large cavity.
  • Gap.
  • Discolored tooth.
  • Cracked tooth.

CEREC’s same day crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns and provide patients with teeth that look and feel natural.

Inlays and Onlays May Be Part of a Smile Makeover

The size of these dental restorations is in between that of a filling and a crown.

An inlay fits snugly into the area between the cusps of a tooth. Dr. Ramon Bana typically recommends an inlay when the patient has a cavity that is small, but deep. When a cavity has these characteristics, a direct filling lacks the strength necessary to maintain the salvageable portion of the natural tooth.

An onlay (aka a partial crown) covers the center of the tooth and one or more of the tooth’s cusps. When an onlay covers the surface of a tooth and all its cusps, the restoration becomes a crown. Dr. Bana recommends an onlay when a filling is unable to provide an adequate amount of strength for the part of the tooth that remains.

A Smile Makeover With Invisalign® or Invisalign Teen® in Miami

As part of their smile makeover, many patients are choosing to straighten their teeth using Invisalign’s translucent, comfortable and removable aligners. When comparing this clear aligner teeth-straightening system to its traditional counterparts, it is easy to see why people choose this treatment method instead.

The Invisalign difference:

  • Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign’s method for straightening teeth consists of removable aligner trays made with a SmartTrack material, which is translucent and BPA-free.
  • SmartTrack Aligners are comfortable because they gently move the patient’s teeth into their correct positions.
  • Since these aligners are removable, patients can usually continue eating all the foods they love during treatment.
  • Another benefit of Invisalign’s teeth-straightening method is that patients visit the dental office less frequently, and their appointments are shorter than those for people using Miami’s conventional teeth-straightening options (e.g., metal braces).
  • Studies indicate that patients using a fixed orthodontic appliance develop periodontal health issues (e.g., gum disease) more frequently than those using removable clear aligners to straighten their teeth.
  • On average, SmartTrack removable aligners can straighten a patient’s teeth quicker than conventional braces can.

In addition, parents can choose to have a blue indicator dot on the Invisalign Teen aligner. This blue dot diminishes as the aligners are worn. This helps ensure the patient is wearing his or her aligner 20 to 22 hours a day.

A Miami Root Canal

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that could be part of a patient’s smile makeover. This procedure is necessary when a patient develops an infection in the pulp that is located inside the root of a tooth. An infection may result from a deep cavity, fractured tooth or an injury.

During a root canal, Dr. Bana removes the infected pulp, sterilizes the canal, fills the root’s canal with a special rubber-like material and uses dental cement to seal the root. After sealing the root, he may use an inlay or onlay to save the natural tooth that remains. However, if the tooth is severely damaged, the patient may receive a dental crown. Once this procedure is complete, the tooth provides the form and function the patient needs to speak clearly and chew properly.

Symptoms that may indicate the patient needs root canal therapy in Miami:

  • Inflamed, tender gums (aka gingival tissue or gum tissue).
  • Severe pain while biting or chewing.
  • A cracked or chipped tooth.
  • Pimples on the gums.
  • Temperature sensitivity that continues to linger even after the individual has completed eating or drinking.
  • Darkening of the gums.
  • Deep decay.

Gum Contouring as Part of a Patient’s Miami Smile Makeover

If an individual has excessive gingival tissue above the top teeth, a receding gum line, uneven gingival tissue or gum disease, Dr. Bana may recommend a gum contouring procedure.

A Gummy Smile

To address a gummy smile, Dr. Bana removes the excess tissue, allowing more of the patient’s teeth to show.

A Gingivectomy

A gingivectomy is the gum contouring procedure that Dr. Ramon Bana uses to remove diseased gum tissue.

Dr. Bana uses a laser or a scalpel to remove the diseased or excess gingival tissue. He also makes the patient’s gum line even. Some patients do receive stitches after their gum contouring procedure.

Addressing a Receding Gum Line as Part of a Smile Makeover in Miami

When a patient’s gingival tissue is receding, Dr. Bana removes gum tissue from another part of the mouth (e.g., the palate). He uses this tissue to reconstruct the patient’s gum line.

A Smile Makeover in Miami May Include a Dental Bridge

Bridges are for replacing missing teeth. A bridge can replace one missing tooth or several missing teeth. The type of bridge Dr. Ramon Bana recommends depends on a patient’s specific needs.

A Traditional Fixed Bridge

Traditional Fixed Bridge – Consists of metal or porcelain, addresses a gap between two teeth. Dental cement or metal clasps hold this bridge in place.

The Maryland Bonded Bridge

The Maryland Bonded Bridge – This bridge commonly replaces front teeth. The Maryland Bonded Bridge consists of porcelain. It has metal wings to hold it in place. Dr. Bana bonds these wings to the back of the neighboring teeth.

A Cantilever Bridge

A Cantilever Bridge – This bridge is much like a traditional bridge, however, a cantilever bridge only requires support on one side. Thus, making it perfect for replacing a single tooth.

Implant-supported Bridges

Implant-supported Bridges – These bridges are very secure because they are held in place with dental implants.

A Miami Smile Makeover Using Dentures or Partials

More than 25% of people between the ages of 65 to 74 no longer have any teeth on either arch. On average, by the time an individual in America reaches the age of 50, he or she has lost 12 teeth. The wisdom teeth are included in this number.

A Full Denture

A Full Denture – This denture is ideal for someone who has lost all his or her teeth on the upper arch, lower arch or both arches. These dentures can be removable. However, Dr. Bana also offers implant-supported dentures. When a patient chooses to have an implant-supported denture, the denture can be fixed or removable.

A Partial Denture

A Partial Denture – A partial replaces several missing teeth. Patients who still have natural teeth, but need numerous teeth replaced on the same arch, may be good candidates for a partial. A partial denture can also be attached to dental implants.

Miami Dental Implants Offer a Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

A smile makeover using dental implants provides patients with a permanent solution for one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, including an entire arch.

If a patient has one missing tooth, Dr. Ramon Bana can place a dental implant and then use CEREC to create the patient a crown. He attaches the dental crown to the implant. Thus, replacing the missing root as well as the tooth.

Dr. Bana can use dental implants with a bridge to replace multiple missing teeth on the same arch. These implants are highly beneficial because they stimulate the patient’s jawbone, which prevents it from deteriorating.

All-on-4®, All-on-6®, Teeth in a Day and Teeth Tomorrow® in Miami

As part of a patient’s smile makeover, Dr. Bana can replace missing teeth using the All-on-4, All-on-6, Teeth in a Day or Teeth Tomorrow Dental Implant Methods. The dental prostheses that patients receive with these methods look and feel just like natural teeth.

The All-on-4 and All-on-6 methods refer to the number of dental implants Dr. Ramon Bana installs to secure a patient’s dental prosthesis in place. Since these implants replace the missing roots, they stimulate the jawbone, which helps keep it from deteriorating.

Using the Teeth in a Day method, Dr. Bana installs the patient’s dental implants and places his or her custom-made, full arch dental prosthesis during the same appointment.

The Teeth Tomorrow Dental Implant Method provides patients with custom-designed teeth that look and feel completely natural. Teeth Tomorrow’s final Prettau® Zirconia full-arch bridge is the only dental implant solution that is backed by two major studies. In addition, the Teeth Tomorrow method is highly acclaimed in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. For these reasons, when a patient has missing teeth, Dr. Bana may recommend the Teeth Tomorrow Dental Implant Method as part of his or her smile makeover.

The Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant System® in Miami

The Hybridge System is designed to replace an entire arch of teeth using five or six dental implants. The dental prosthesis for The Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant System may consist of cross-linked PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) or Prettau® Zirconia ceramic.

If you reside in the Miami area, and you would like to have a smile makeover, Dr. Ramon Bana and his team of dental professionals can help. If you want a more vibrant smile or have missing teeth that you would like to replace, contact Miami Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry today at (305) 857-3731 to schedule an appointment. The address for Dr. Bana’s office is 2461 Coral Way in Miami.


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