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Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Actual Patient. Individual results may vary from patient to patient.



Do unsightly stains prevent you from wanting to smile your best smile?

You don’t have to feel this way.

White teeth are a great accessory, whether you’re headed to the board room or the gym. The brighter your smile, the more you’ll want to show it off. But age, diet, and genetics can often be factors that influence just how white our teeth actually are. Fortunately, Zoom! Teeth Whitening can have your smile looking several shades whiter in just one treatment with Ramon Bana, DDS.

Rather than using messy and unwieldy at-home strips or spending time wearing teeth-whitening trays day to day, Zoom! allows Dr. Bana to help you achieve the brightest white smile possible through a stain release acceleration technique. The first thing we do is buff away any surface stains, and then we place a protective barrier over your gums (to help with any sensitivity). Then concentrated whitening gel is brushed on each tooth followed by application of a bright light to activate the oxidation process. In 15 minutes, we rinse the gel away and repeat the process two to three times until we reach the desired shade.

Teeth whitening is a great place to start your smile makeover – many times it’s the only procedure our patients need to get the smile they’ve always wanted, and in the cases where more needs to be done, our team can help you determine which direction your mouth needs to take, be it bonding, crowns, tooth-colored fillings, veneers or Invisalign.

Smile Brighter with Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Miami, FL

White teeth are a great accessory, whether you’re headed to the board room or the gym. The brighter your smile, the more you’ll want to show it off. But age, diet, and genetics can often be factors influencing just how white our teeth actually are.

Fortunately, Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Miami, FL can have your smile looking multiple shades whiter in just one treatment with Ramon Bana, DDS.

What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Instead of messy strips or more time wearing whitening trays every day, Zoom! allows Dr. Bana to achieve the brightest white possible through a stain release acceleration technique. First, we buff away any surface stains then coat a protective barrier over your gums. Next, concentrated whitening gel is brushed onto your teeth and a bright light activates the oxidation process. 15 minutes later, we rinse the gel away and repeat the process 2-3 more times until your teeth reach the desired shade.

If you’ve thought about getting a smile makeover or having other cosmetic treatment done, teeth whitening is an excellent place to start. In many cases, it’s the only procedure that our patients need. But if not, it can easily be combined with options such as composite bonding, crowns, white fillings, veneers, and Invisalign®.


  • Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Miami, FL allows our patients to:
  • Match upcoming cosmetic treatments to an overall whiter smile
  • Complement their already healthy teeth
  • Erase deep and tenacious stains from their enamel
  • See fast results (in about one hour)
  • Get a mini “smile makeover” in just one appointment


Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Miami, FL provides better results than anything available online or over the counter. Schedule a consultation with Ramon Bana, DDS to find out if your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening.

Miami Teeth Whitening

Many times, an individual’s smile is the first thing people notice. A nice, bright smile can help improve an individual’s self-esteem, which increases their confidence level. It is these benefits that have made teeth-whitening products and treatments extremely popular. Ramon Bana, DDS, is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Miami who offers his patients the NiteWhite® at-home teeth whitening system as well as an in-office treatment called Zoom!. Using these revolutionary whitening systems, patients can quickly and easily attain the gleaming smiles they desire.

Teeth Whitening Is Available in Miami

People who have thought about improving their smile should consider starting with a whitening treatment. Especially since sometimes all an individual needs to create a beautiful smile is brighter teeth. However, if necessary, Dr. Bana can combine whitening with additional cosmetic procedures (e.g., tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns and Invisalign®) to create the smile a patient wants.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

To prevent staining and extend the life of their teeth whitening results, patients need to know what causes their teeth to become discolored.

Common reasons teeth become stained:

  • Tobacco use

    The tar and nicotine in traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco can cause yellowing of the teeth.

  • Food and drink

    Any food or beverage that has dark pigmentation can stain the enamel (e.g., red wine, berries, tea and coffee).

  • Certain medications

    A side effect of some medications is tooth discoloration. One such medication is the antibiotic tetracycline.

  • Excess fluoride

    Too much fluoride can also cause changes in the color of the teeth.

  • Aging

    As a natural part of the aging process, the enamel on the teeth begins to wear down. This reveals the yellow dentin that lies beneath.

  • Poor oral hygiene

    Neglecting to brush and floss adequately allows plaque to build up. Unless an individual removes the plaque within 24 to 72 hours, it hardens into tartar (aka calculus), which discolors the teeth, allows bacteria to build up and promotes decay. Once a dental hygienist removes the tartar and cleans the patient’s teeth, they may be a good candidate for teeth whitening in Miami.

  • Dental trauma

    If a tooth sustains an injury, it may create more dentin. Since dentin is naturally yellow, it darkens the tooth.

  • Genetics

    Sometimes, tooth discoloration results from an individual having a genetic predisposition for naturally darker or more yellow-looking teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening Treatments in Miami?

As previously stated, whiter teeth can improve an individual’s self-esteem and increase their confidence level, which could help them accomplish things that they may have felt uncomfortable about doing before (e.g., requesting a promotion or raise).

Additional benefits of teeth whitening include:

  • Attaining the beautiful, brighter smile that they have always wanted.
  • Eliminating the stubborn stains that are negatively affecting the color of their enamel.
  • Allowing Dr. Bana to match the shade of any future cosmetic treatments (e.g., tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns).
  • Smoother enamel.
  • Enjoying a mini smile makeover.

Teeth-whitening products can whiten natural teeth. However, they are ineffective for:

  • Veneers.
  • Dental crowns.
  • Tooth-colored fillings.
  • Bridges.
  • Dental implants.

Intrinsic Stains and Extrinsic Stains: What Is the Difference?

An extrinsic stain is on the outer surface of the tooth (i.e., the enamel), and intrinsic stains develop on the inside of the tooth. A patient may need to have intrinsic stains addressed with a different technique.

Are Teeth Whitening Treatments Safe?

Absolutely. The research and clinical studies conducted on whitening products found that using these products under the supervision of a dentist is completely safe.

People who should consider teeth whitening treatments in Miami are those who:

  • Have tooth discoloration due to the consumption of foods and drinks that have dark pigmentation (e.g., red wine, tea, coffee, dark berries and tomato sauce).
  • Are not currently wearing braces.
  • Have mild discoloration resulting from the natural aging process, tooth defects, medication use (e.g., tetracycline) or injuries.
  • Are free of gum disease and cavities.
  • Do not have thin, worn-down enamel or exposed roots.
  • Have healthy teeth.
  • Do not have any dental crowns or veneers because whitening products are unable to whiten dental prosthetics and tooth-colored fillings.
  • Are not pregnant, lactating or planning a pregnancy in the near future.
  • Are at least 13 years of age.

Do Teeth-Whitening Treatments Hurt?

The tooth-whitening treatment in and of itself is not painful. However, some patients do experience minor discomfort following their treatment.

Are Teeth-Whitening Treatments in Miami Effective?

Yes, a few days after starting their NiteWhite teeth whitening treatments, most patients notice that their teeth are whiter. The final result will become apparent in two to three weeks.

Zoom! can whiten the teeth quickly, with most patients noticing results directly following their treatment.

Is There Anything Patients Can Do To Prepare for a Miami Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Yes, a week or two before they begin their Zoom! or NiteWhite teeth whitening treatments, patients can start using a toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth.

What To Expect During an Initial Consultation for Teeth Whitening in Miami

People who are interested in brightening their teeth with the revolutionary NiteWhite gel or a Zoom! treatment should contact Dr. Bana’s Miami office to schedule an initial consultation.

At this consultation, patients should be prepared to talk about how they would like their smile to look. In addition, for safety’s sake, Dr. Ramon Bana needs to know if the patient has any medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, hypertension or cardiac disease). Please inform Dr. Bana of any previous dental procedures. He may also ask about the patient’s oral hygiene habits and lifestyle choices (e.g., smoking).

Once he gathers this information, Dr. Ramon Bana examines the patient’s mouth. He looks for signs of gum disease, oral cancer and exposed roots. To ensure that the patient has a healthy mouth that is free of cavities and worn-down enamel, Dr. Bana may also order an in-office X-ray.

During this initial consultation, Dr. Bana also determines whether the stains on a patient’s teeth are intrinsic or extrinsic. Once he knows, Dr. Ramon Bana makes his recommendation. If the patient decides to move forward with treatment, he creates a custom-designed treatment plan.

Patients May Need To Have a Dental Cleaning Before Beginning Their Miami Teeth Whitening Treatment

Dr. Ramon Bana’s goal is to provide each patient with the brightest smile possible. Therefore, unless the patient has recently had a dental cleaning, Dr. Bana may request that the patient have one before they have their whitening treatment.

People Can Transform Their Smiles With At-Home and In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments in Miami

The NiteWhite At-Home Teeth Whitening System

NiteWhite’s patented Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) technology bonds with the tooth’s surface, and the active ingredient in the gel, 22% Carbamide Peroxide, whitens the teeth.

What Is the Benefit of ACP Technology?

Since teeth consist of a natural compound that is very similar to Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, NiteWhite’s ACP technology helps reduce tooth sensitivity during the whitening process. In addition, the ACP from the whitening gel builds up the enamel. This reduces the likelihood of the patient’s teeth fading back to the color they were before using NiteWhite to whiten their teeth.

In Miami, Patients Receive Custom-Tailored NiteWhite Trays

To ensure his patients remain comfortable during the teeth whitening process, Dr. Bana creates custom-designed trays for them to wear as they sleep.

The At-Home Teeth Whitening Process

Before beginning their nightly whitening treatment, patients need to brush and floss. Thoroughly cleaning the teeth before applying the whitening tray is essential. Neglecting to follow this recommendation could negatively affect the patient’s final result.

NiteWhite’s Teeth whitening steps:

  1. Uniformly apply the NiteWhite gel to their tray.
  2. Place the custom-designed whitening tray over their teeth.
  3. Firmly press the tray against the teeth.
  4. Wipe off any excess gel. Wiping this extra gel away quickly and thoroughly is vital for preventing gum irritation.
  5. Keep their whitening tray in place while they sleep. Dr. Bana will recommend the length of time he believes will provide the patient with optimal results. Therefore, patients should follow his recommendations.
  6. Remove the whitening tray.
  7. Rinse their mouths out with warm water.
  8. Gently brush away any gel that is still on their teeth.
  9. Rinse their mouths out again.
  10. Clean their whitening tray using warm water.
  11. Apply the fluoride they receive to the tray. Place the tray back in their mouth.
  12. Wear the fluoride-filled tray for five minutes.
  13. Remove the tray.
  14. Thoroughly rinse out their mouth, ensuring all the fluoride is removed.
  15. Use warm water to clean the tray.
  16. Continue performing this process daily before going to sleep.

To enhance their whitening results, patients must avoid eating, drinking and smoking while they are wearing their whitening tray.

Dr. Bana directs the patient as to how long their teeth whitening trays need to be worn and the length of their treatment.

What Is the Difference Between Over-the-Counter Whiteners and NiteWhite?

NiteWhite’s product includes their patented ACP technology. This Amorphous Calcium Phosphate technology bonds with the tooth’s surface. Meanwhile, the active ingredient in the gel begins to whiten the teeth.

NiteWhite contains 22% of its active whitening ingredient, and OTC products only contain 5% or 10%. Therefore, the results an individual can attain with over-the-counter whitening products are greatly limited.

How Do Zoom! In-Office Whitening Treatments Work?

Zoom! uses a light-activated gel to break down the deep, stubborn stains in the enamel. As the hydrogen peroxide gel releases oxygen molecules, the color of the stains starts breaking up and becoming diluted. Thus, wearing away the stains in the enamel and dentin. A Zoom! whitening treatment brightens the teeth without altering their structure.

The steps of a Zoom! whitening treatment:

  1. Ramon Bana, DDS, buffs away any stains that are present on the surface of the enamel.
  2. He protects the patient’s gums by coating them with a special gel.
  3. Dr. Bana places a shield over the patient’s lips. This shield provides protection for the lips and exposes the patient’s teeth.
  4. He begins applying the light-activated 25% hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth.
  5. Following the application of the gel, Dr. Ramon Bana uses the Zoom! light to activate the hydrogen peroxide. Upon activation, the gel begins the oxidation process, which hastens stain removal.
  6. Once 15 minutes have passed, he rinses the existing gel away and reapplies the gel, then uses the light to activate it again. Rinsing it off 15 minutes later.
  7. Dr. Bana performs these steps two or three more times.

After completing the final round, Dr. Bana may apply a fluoride-based gel to the patient’s teeth. This gel helps reduce sensitivity.

How Long Does a Zoom! Treatment Take?

It takes about an hour for Dr. Ramon Bana to complete a patient’s Zoom! teeth whitening procedure. During this full-mouth whitening treatment, he uses PH enhanced 25% light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel with a whitening lamp to brighten his patients’ teeth.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Whitening Treatments?

As with all procedures, side effects following teeth whitening treatments are possible.

Potential side effects following a whitening treatment include:

  • A burning sensation in the gingival tissue that was exposed to the bleaching agent.
  • Removal of minerals within the enamel can cause temporary tooth sensitivity.
  • White spots on the surfaces of the teeth. These spots develop due to dehydration or a loss of minerals in the enamel layer of the tooth.

What Causes Post-Treatment Discomfort?

Discomfort following a whitening treatment usually occurs because the patient has tooth sensitivity and the whitening gel flares it up. For this reason, patients need to tell Dr. Bana about any tooth sensitivity they are experiencing before they begin their at-home teeth whitening treatments, or have a Zoom! treatment in Miami.

Tips for Reducing Discomfort Following Miami Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are several things that patients can do to reduce any discomfort they notice after their teeth whitening treatment.

Reduce discomfort by:

  • Avoiding the consumption of foods and beverages that are extremely hot (e.g., soup, tea and coffee), very cold (e.g., ice cream and smoothies), or acidic (e.g., lemons, limes and oranges).
  • Using a straw while drinking. A straw allows the patient to bypass the teeth and gingival tissue that are causing discomfort.
  • Brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that is designed specifically for sensitive teeth.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results in Miami Last?

The results achieved with NiteWhite treatments in Miami can last up to three years, and the Zoom! treatment’s whitening results last up to a year.

The patient’s habits directly affect the length of time their results will last. For example, poor oral hygiene, smoking or consuming dark foods and beverages can reduce the longevity of their teeth whitening results.

Is There Anything Patients Can Do To Prolong Their Miami Whitening Results?

Yes, patients can prolong their results by following a rigorous oral care routine that includes brushing twice a day and flossing at least once. They need to have their biannual dental cleanings and checkups. They should also avoid consuming highly pigmented foods and beverages.

Can a Patient Have More Than One Round of Whitening Treatments in Miami?

Yes, if necessary, after four to six months, patients can return for another NiteWhite kit. Patients who have the in-office Zoom! treatment can usually have another treatment in a year.

How Much Will a Teeth Whitening Treatment in Miami Cost?

To determine the cost of a whitening treatment, Dr. Ramon Bana needs to evaluate the teeth of the individual who is interested in brightening their smile. For this reason, the only way he can determine if whitening is a feasible option and which whitening treatment is best for a patient is with an initial consultation.

Will Dental Insurance Cover Miami Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Whitening treatments are elective cosmetic procedures. Therefore, since these treatments are not medically necessary, dental insurance may not cover them. Nonetheless, there are a few companies that offer coverage for teeth-whitening treatments. Therefore, Dr. Bana recommends that his patients contact their insurance company to find out whether NiteWhite kits and Zoom! in-office teeth whitening treatments are covered under their policy.

Dr. Bana and his dental team are passionate about helping people maintain a healthy mouth and improve irregularities, so they can look and feel their very best. If you are in the Miami area, and you are looking for a tooth whitening option that is affordable, convenient and effective, the NiteWhite teeth whitening kit or in-office Zoom! treatment may be the answer you have been looking for.

To learn more, schedule an initial consultation at the office of Ramon Bana, DDS, by calling (305) 857-3731. Dr. Bana’s office is located at 2461 Coral Way in Miami.


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