Cosmetic Dentist in Miami | What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Everyone has smile goals. We should feel confident and make a stellar impression the second we open our mouths. Cosmetic dentistry can help people achieve that. If you’re interested in seeing a cosmetic dentist in Miami, here are a few frequently asked questions about what exactly cosmetic dentistry is:

What Is the Goal of Cosmetic Dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry is meant to help those people achieve their smiles goals. Typically, cosmetic dentistry does not play a role in any health matters. However, some patients do opt for cosmetic procedures that can address health concerns as well.

Why Do People Want Dentistry?
Not everyone is confident with their smiles. They may choose to have cosmetic dentistry procedures done in order to feel better about their look and gain confidence. Cosmetic procedures can be very minor, like teeth whitening, or require a lengthier process, like Invisalign. Either way, people deserve to feel comfortable with their looks, and a smile can transform someone’s appearance.

What Are Common Procedures?
Chances are you know of some very common cosmetic dentistry procedures. For example, teeth whitening is extremely popular among an array of ages with mature teeth. Zoom teeth whitening uses a chairside lamp that accelerates the process for near-instant results. Also, Invisalign is a modern form of braces and can realign teeth for a straighter smile! This process is lengthy and depends on the severity of the changes. However, the results last a lifetime! Lastly, veneers – and even dental implants – can be used for cosmetic purposes. Veneers cover discoloration, while dental implants replace missing teeth with a natural look!

Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in Miami?
So, if you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Miami, Dr. Ramon Bana can help you achieve all your smile goals. From Invisalign to teeth whitening, contact us today to discuss the details of your needs and to schedule an appointment!